Mothers Against Terror

A documentary series following women who are taking action against the radicalization of their community

by Yifat Kedar

the creator of Between the Lines and 9 Years Later

Chief Content Editor: Nitza Gletzer

Mothers have a unique way of dealing with extremism. They organize and lead social activities that help women identify the early warning signs of hostile behavior. Our activists from Canada, UK and Germany had to deal with the extremism of their husbands and sons or others in the close community, and paid a personal price.

In each of the 52-minute episodes, the series will follow the activists helping a number of individual cases of women. Each of these storylines will have its own protagonist who we will follow globally throughout the conflict zones of the Middle East and Asia.

These are stories about longing for change in a complex and conflicted reality. We examine the hope that women can influence the global political and security mindset.